DIY Valentine Flower Centerpiece

“I must have flowers, always and always.”  -Claude Monet

DIY Floral Centerpiece

When I think of Valentines I think of chocolate, balloons, and of course, flowers! They are a must have for any DECKed out Valentines Table - whether you're planning an intimate dinner with your spouse, a festive meal with the family, or hosting your best Gal pal's for a fun-filled Galentine celebration! 

In keeping with our Valentines Table Theme, Bold & Beautiful, I knew the centerpiece needed to be just that. The oversized dough bowl featured in the Deck the Table Valentines Box created the perfect base to house this beauty! Flower arrangements can be intimidating, but don't worry - I'm sharing all the details below so you'll have everything you need to easily create one for your own DECKed out Valentines table. 

Here is our Supply List:

1. Flowers (I've linked all my faves HERE)

2. Chicken Wire & Wire Cutters 

3. Your Deck the Table Dough Bowl featured in our VDAY Box. (or any bowl of your choosing - this one is 12x30 for size reference)

4. Painters Tape (used to hold the wire in place - optional)

The first thing you'll want to do is gather your flowers. Our color pallet is a mix of red and dark pink with a splash of blush. I chose a mixture of roses, peonies, & hydrangeas.

Next, line your dough bowl with what I call a chicken wire burrito. I'm sure there's a better term for it but that's what I call it. lol Simply roll your chicken wire into a burrito shape and place in the bottom of your bowl. Feel free to use painters' tape or masking tape to hold the wire burrito in place if you prefer. I couldn't find mine so that's why it's not pictured. 

I suggest inserting the larger greenery pieces first. I placed one on each side for a balanced look. Followed by the larger florals next. I worked from the sides towards the middle being mindful of the front and back too. Since this is going on our table, we want to make sure it looks good from all angles. Fill in any gaps or holes with your smaller florals and pieces of greenery. 

This arrangement is BIG, BOLD, & BEAUTIFUL, but if you prefer something a bit simpler just cut down on the number of flowers used and roll your chicken wire burrito a little tighter and you'll be good to go!

And the best part about using faux florals is now you get to enjoy the beauty for weeks rather than watch it wither away in a few days. 

Happy Valentines DECKed out Friends!!!


**UPDATED 1/20/23**

Many of you reached out & asked how many flowers I used to create this look - so I scaled it down a little for easy reference, created a flower recipe, and posted all the info below! You can also catch a video tutorial HERE! Note - to create the fuller version more similar to the one above - increase the number of larger flowers as noted on the recipe and add an additional chicken wire burrito. I've also included a few optional flowers if you want to add them in as well!

The Flower Recipe below references my Amazon Flower List HERE. The number above each flower references the number of "sets" purchased. For example, the hot pink peonies come in a set of 4 so I purchased "two" sets (to have 8 stems). For a fuller look add in the optional flowers or increase the sets of the flowers marked with a *.

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