Pirate Picnic featuring the Pirate Storybook Box

Ahoy Matey! With the first day of school fast approaching, my kids and I were looking for a fun way to celebrate the end of summer. After some brainstorming we decided on a Pirate Picnic! So we set out on the high sea's (not really - we don't own a boat lol so we settled for the lake) for some Pirate Picnic fun!
First things first was to grab our Pirate Storybook Box goodies! (These are available now at shoppartypeach.com) These adorable drawstring Pirate bags include everything a little Pirate needs - including their very own Pirate Ship, Treasure Map, and a Treasure Chest (filled with treasure of course)! And I just couldn't resist adding to our little picnic the coordinating Pirate plates, parrot napkins, and pirate cups! So fun right?!?!
The Pirate Storybook Box and coordinating party ware made setting our picnic up a breeze! (Except for the breeze itself which kept trying to take off with our cute little parrot napkins! lol) I used the Treasure Map included in the Storybook Box as placemats and kept them in place with the pirate ship and treasure chest. The pirate plates, napkins, and cups looked adorable sitting on them too! My little Pirates enjoyed some pirate snacks and story time as we read the book "How I Became a Pirate". This fun book was also included in our Pirate Storybook Box and the kids loved it!
After our bellies were full it was time to pack up our Pirate Picnic and hit the trail! The kids packed up their ships, treasure, and other goodies into their Pirate Packs and were ready to set off to find some more adventure!
My kids love any kind of water! Swimming and hanging out is one of our favorite summer time activities. And the water on this hot day felt amazing! And, even though these ships don't actually float, the kids had a blast staging battles in the water and on shore. The little pirate figurines were adorable too. 
I'm always so grateful for fun memories made with our family. We all agreed that our end of summer Pirate Picnic may have to become a yearly family tradition! Do you have any end of summer family traditions? Share them below! And grab your own Pirate Storybook Box and coordinating party ware so you and your family can enjoy their very own Pirate Picnic! If you share your Pirate fun don't forget to tag us @partypeachco and #partypeachkids. Now I'm going to go enjoy the rest of summer!!!!
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