My 5-Step Formula for a fabulous Centerpiece!


Creating a stunning centerpiece has never been easier. Our 5 Step Formula is great for all types of containers but works exceptionally well with dough bowls. For this arrangement I'm using an over-sized dough bowl. It's 32 inches long and 12 inches wide. I've linked a similar one HERE. Follow our 5 Step Formula to simply and easily update your dough bowl from season to season. 

5 STEP Dough Bowl Formula by Deck the Table

1. Choose 2-3 Large Focal Pieces. I chose Magnolias and Velvet Pumpkins for this one.
2. Choose 2-3 Smaller Accents. I used blueberry stems, pinecones, and a few greenery twigs. 
3. Begin with a layer of larger greenery and stems. I mixed a green garland with a couple of Fall stems here to mimic the look of the changing leaves. 
4. Place your Large focal pieces. I placed my larger pumpkin in the middle with the two smaller ones on each side and then placed the larger magnolias above and at the bottom followed by the smaller magnolias on each end. 
5. Place your Smaller Accents. The pinecones help the pumpkins stay in place and add texture to the design. I placed the blueberry stems next to each magnolia so the blue color would pop next to the white. Lastly, I added in a few greenery sprigs to blend it all together.
As an added bonus, I placed two flameless taper candles inside as well. 
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Happy Table Decking Friends!