Let's Talk Flowers!

Flowers are one my favorite things to incorporate into my table designs and where I get said flowers is one of the most frequently asked questions here @deckthetable. And I'm always happy to share!

The majority of the flowers I've DECKED my table with this year have been from Amazon. Now let me warn you - you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince and when it comes to ordering flowers from Amazon the same is true. They are not all winners. But for the most part I've found some gems! 

Lucky for you, I've saved my favorites to my Amazon page that you can find HERE. So, you can skip to the good part! Upon arrival, I do suggest unpacking your flowers and setting them outside for a day or two. Sometimes they arrive with a not so pleasant aroma so some time in the fresh air takes care of that. 

Flowers are the perfect way to add color and texture to your table. And don't worry - no one cares that they are fake! The beauty is 100% real! (And they'll look just as beautiful in a week as they do today!)

Happy Flower Shopping!


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