13 Days of Halloween with Deck the Table

Let's Countdown to Halloween!

This year we're doing a "13 Days of Halloween" Countdown with the kids! Planning is half the battle so I'm excited to share the details with you to hopefully help & inspire some Halloween fun for your family too! 

Follow along on this Blog Post as I'll be updating it with pictures and more from each day!

Instead of feeling like I had to come up with 13 new things for us to do I decided to include the activities we already do and mix in a few fun new ones. This has made planning so much easier!

Here's the plan, as it sits today. lol

Day 1: October 19th DECK Your Own Boo Bag! The Fall Festival is this week and having your own bag to carry all that candy in is a must. As we learned last year when we didn't bring any and ended up carrying grocery bags. lol Here's a fun kit I found!

Day 2: October 20th HOCUS POCUS MOVIE NIGHT! We started this last year and the kids loved it! We'll be inviting some friends and enjoying some spooky snacks, like this Hocus Pocus Snack Board. 

Day 3: October 21st VISIT THE FALL FESTIVAL Our School hosts an annual Fall Festival that the kids look forward to each year. I'm also hoping we can make it to the local pumpkin patch at some point too. 

Day 4: October 22nd MAKE YOUR OWN SLIME Confession: I do not like slime, but my kids love it. We actually have a NO slime rule at our house so this activity will come as a big surprise to them. Praying I don't regret it. lol If you prefer to surprise them with something already made, I highly recommend this company.

Day 5: October 23rd MAKE YOUR OWN WITCHES BREW! I love incorporating fun books and this one doesn't disappoint. You read along with your kids and make the brew at the same time. 


Day 6: October 24th PAINT PUMPKINS My kids love to paint so painting pumpkins is a must. 

Day 7: October 25th WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM I'm not sure yet if we'll go out for this one or set something up at home. We'll see.

Day 8: October 26th LOOK AT HALLOWEEN DECORI This is a busy night for us so we're keeping it simple by checking out the Halloween decor in the neighborhood on our way home from sporting events. I may even include this fun Scavenger game

Day 9: October 27th HALLOWEEN BAKE OFF!  We'll be baking up some spooky confections! 

Day 10: October 28th FAMILY HALLOWEEN DINNER: We'll be hosting our first ever Masquerade Dinner. And yes, masks will be required. lol 

Day 11: October 29th BOO BREAKFAST: We'll be DECKing the Breakfast nook and enjoying some Halloween goodies!

Day 12: October 30th BOO YOUR NEIGHBOR! We'll be surprising our neighbors with some Halloween treats and maybe a few tricks too. 

Day 13: October 31st HALLOWEEN!: Last, but not least, TRICK OR TREAT day! I hate when it's on a school night, but we'll make the most of it anyways! LOL

Here's a look at last year's Halloween Table & our Family's Spooky Dinner...let's hope I can get one that isn't as blurry this year! lol